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Study Finds California’s Unfunded Pension Costs Threaten Educational Equity
California’s chronic underfunding of education pensions is pushing school districts into financial distress, forcing them to make painful cuts that will increasingly harm both the state’s teachers and its most vulnerable students, according to a report released today by Pivot Learning, in collaboration with the California School Boards Association, national pension expert Dr. Corey Koedel of the University of Missouri, and the Opportunity Institute.

Maria Echaveste Named President/CEO of the Opportunity Institute
Echaveste has had a long career as a senior White House official, community leader, public policy consultant, lecturer, and corporate attorney, focusing on immigration, civic engagement, food systems, labor rights, and education. She’s been a Senior Fellow at the Opportunity Institute since it was founded in 2015, most currently leading the P-12 education project.
March 26, 2019

Burnout Risk for In-Prison Educators Could Jeopardize Programs for Incarcerated Students
Teaching in prison takes an unexpected toll on the health of college faculty and staff. And if educators don’t have the tools and resources they need to counteract those impacts, the sustainability of their programs — and the fates of thousands of students — are put at risk.
January 15, 2019

‘Engaging in Education Equity’ to Ensure Every Student Truly Succeeds
New toolkit from Opportunity Institute, the Dignity in Schools Campaign, and NAACP Legal Defense Fund gives communities resources to impact their schools
April 27, 2018

The Opportunity Institute Names Natasha O’Dell Archer Vice President for Strategy and Development
December 21, 2017

Potential Shown in California’s Investment to Improve Quality of Preschool
April 18, 2016

Seven Pilot Programs Will Transform Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Californians into College Graduates
March 23, 2016

New Non-Profit, The Opportunity Institute, Takes Unique Approach to Social Mobility 
February, 17, 2016


Don’t use the SAT or ACT to undermine education accountability
EdSource | May 26, 2019

Report: The effect chronic stress has on children at school — and why policymakers should care
Washington Post | May 22, 2019

Many college students struggle to pass remedial math. Do they need to?
PBS News Hour | May 14, 2019

New nonprofit aims to push for social mobility, educational equity
Washington Post | February 17, 2016

Berkeley nonprofit launches with 'cradle-to-career' approach
San Francisco Chronicle | February 17, 2016

To Expand Opportunity, Expand the Promise of Education
Huffington Post | February 17, 2016