The Opportunity Institute is a nonprofit organization that promotes social mobility and equity by improving outcomes from early childhood through early career. We focus on education, which plays a critical role in opening opportunities, and the related social policies that make true opportunity possible.

We bring together leaders in early childhood development, Pre-K through 12 education, juvenile and criminal justice, and higher education to collaborate across policy sectors for broader and deeper impact. Our work reaches around the country, but with special attention to California, our base.

We are advancing pragmatic, evidence-based solutions that will combat inequality and build stronger, more equitable ladders to success.  

Our projects currently include Partners for Each and Every ChildRenewing CommunitiesJust Equations, and Whole Child Equity.

Our Vision

Ensuring excellence while eliminating disparities and eradicating poverty and racial inequality — so that each and every child has access to educational excellence — not only benefits students and their families, but is also the surest way for America to build a successful and prosperous economy and advance our national interest in a changing world.

Our Mission

We help eradicate poverty and racial inequality by building cradle-to-career opportunities that break down barriers and deliver excellence in education, health, and society.